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Game Description:

Battalion: Nemesis puts you in command of the Rapid Attack and Response unit commanded by Sergeant Tucker. Face off against the insidious Mullen in an epic 10 level campaign! | OvOnGames

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26 / Feb / 2019

mouse issues orders. click an open tile in range to move there, or click an enemy unit in range to move next to it and attack. arrow keys scroll and control key selects next available unit.

there are a total of 16 levels to be played, where you can master the rules of tactical turn-based strategy combat.

saving information:

your inter-level mission progress will be saved when you finish a level. if you beat a level, you should not need to beat it again. choosing “save and quit” from the options menu in the middle of the mission will create a restore point. if you click on “resume save point” on the title screen, the game will be restored to that save point. if you play a game on a different level or map, your resume point will be lost.


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