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Sci-fi “run & gun” platformer game. This is a story about enhanced soldiers confrontation.Take control over enhanced soldier and lead her through 21 game level, wiping out all enemies on your way. You can make 18 upgrades to unlock new abilities and earn 24 achievements. | OvOnGames

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Played 67 Times
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24 / Jan / 2019

a/d – movement
w – jump/double jump (when learned)
mouse – aim and fire
1,2,3,4 – switch weapon (when learned)

s – dash (when learned)
e – shield (when learned)
q – stealth (when learned)
space – hurricane drones (when learned)
c – event horizon (when learned)

esc/p – pause game
u – upgrades window

you can reconfigure it in options menu.


  • sep 16, 2013 8:07pm

    - closed some frustrating pits in first two levels

  • sep 9, 2013 11:55am

    - some grammatical errors fixed 
    - render quality reduced a bit to improve performance on low-end machines


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