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Horse Simulator 3D is a fantastic 3D simulation game in which you can feel what it is like to be a horse on a beautiful island! Perform various tasks, start an adorable family, win various competitions, make your horse stronger and more beautiful, | OvOnGames

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18 / Feb / 2019


  • wasd or arrow keys to control the horse's movement
  • left mouse button to attack
  • space bar to jump
  • shift to run

various missions

help the villagers in various tasks. protect people and animals from danger. play different mini-games. compete in a speed races with other animals. many more adventures are waiting for your horse!

horse family

the islands are dangerous, you need to find a partner with whom you can have little foals. raise your horse's level and improve your family members' characteristics!

horse home

the horse can visit its home. the horse can rest and gain a new strength for his journeys. when you are at home, you can find many interesting things. buy more things for your horse to make it stronger!

horse customization

customize the appearance of the horse as you like. the choice is plentiful. you can find various kinds of skins, funny hats, saddles for riding, and armor!


to survive in the forest, you need to use all the possibilities! obtain experience by performing tasks, attacking other animals, and collecting food. once your level increases, you can spend the points on attack, energy, or life. special skills are also available that allow you to increase the horse's speed.


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