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An homage to and affectionate light parody of ‘retro RPGs’, but a full, deep game in itself, with many hours of gameplay. And some people thought this would never come out! But hey, look! It did! Gasp. | OvOnGames

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26 / Feb / 2019

please see the in-game help section and the screen at the start.- x to confirm.- z to cancel.- arrow keys for movement.- enter opens the menu.- hold s while clicking an item stack to split it.

this is the longly-delayed third chapter in the mardek saga. numerous setbacks have caused it to take years to’s a long game, and since it’s a full rpg, it requires a lot of time to play through fully. there’s a lot of talking. 

there may be bugs. please report any that you find and i’ll try to upload an update as quickly as i can. if you do report bugs though, please try to reproduce them and tell me how you get them to occur.


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