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Game Description:

Blast off into an adventure in Pocket Starships, a free-to-play browser MMORPG with fast-paced starship-fighting action! Play with your friends or go it alone by taking quests from NPCs. | OvOnGames

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Played 77 Times
Game Tags:
  • Adventure,shooting,action,role Playing,multiplayers
Upload Date:
24 / Mar / 2019

Pocket Starships is realtime space mmo shooter game for android, iphone/ipad and pc. the game is a free to play set in space where players control their own customizable and upgradeable starships, players choose which of the two main factions they wish to join early in the game (varian or shard) which will define their territory and allies for the game.

players will focus on trying to level up to improve their ships as well as upgrading their gear to improve their overall performance when in combat and work towards trying to claim the galaxy through pvp for their faction.


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