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Squad based defense game! Strategically choose your squad members, upgrade their abilities, utilize each of their unique skills and destroy an army of mad robots. | OvOnGames

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Played 82 Times
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  • Strategy
Upload Date:
23 / Jan / 2019

explained in-game.hotkeys: q, e – select soldiers. spacebar – tactical pause, f – speed up, 1..0 – abilities, shift + click – select enemy.left click – set target, hold right mouse button down – attack ground.


  • aug 15, 2017 5:26am

    hi commanders!

    two months have passed since the release date, and i’m happy to see that the game is really loved by players! thank you all for your support and feedback!

    i’ve just uploaded a new version featuring a number of bugfixes and also spanish and russian localizations. please let me know if you’ll see any glitches, silly or awkward centences or any other translation-related stuff :)

    and now i’m working on endless mode, sorry for a long delay for those who is waiting it since the release, don’t want to publish raw concept.

    - platon

  • jun 28, 2017 2:39am

    hi commanders!


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