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Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot is another brilliant game from HGames-Artworks. In this title, you control a superhero that is similar to the amazing Tony Stark – Iron Man! You must move around and explore the vast 3D city. | OvOnGames

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18 / Feb / 2019


garbage truck controls

    • wasd or arrow keys: move
    • t: open nearby garage
    • e: start to fly
    • c: fly down
    • right click: laser
    • left click: shoot or punch
    • space bar: jump or fly up
    • left shift: run
    • x: switch weapon
    • f: open car
    • r: open nearby shop
    • g: grenade
    • z: switch grenade
    • c: switch vehicle camera
    • pitchfork up: z
    • pitchfork down: x
    • dump start: q
    • dump end: e
    • lift container: space

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