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Brush off your soccer shoes and get ready for World Soccer Forever! Play a Quick Free Kick match or Tournaments in Multiplayer mode to show off your shooting skills against other players - or if you want to warm up a bit first, try Practice mode. | OvOnGames

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30 / Jan / 2019

tournament games include:

  •  free kick: score the best out of 5 to win
  • target challenge: can you hit the targets?
  •  long ball challenge: hit targets on the ground at long range
  • crossbar event: bounce the ball in goal off the crossbar
  • special timed tournament: get into a tournament that runs for a limited time!
customize your character and upgrade with power ups for more personalized gameplay.

what are you waiting for? get into the game and show off your skills in World Soccer Forever now!

now with new free kick scenarios, an improved goal keeper, bonus scores that reward skilled players, more balanced play, and more!


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