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Blade & Soul’s Golden Harvest Festival Is Back Next Week

Blade & Soul’s Golden Harvest Festival Is Back Next Week
Posted At: 8th-Nov-2019
Posted By: AwadGorg

Blade & Soul’s:

On November 13, Blade and Soul‘s fall event will return, giving players a full month to earn all kinds of special rewards. During the event, players will earn Harvest Dinners for every day they log in — one for free players, three for premium members. Dinners can also be earned for completing one of four quests. Players can also pick up additional dinners by completing Mushin’s Darkness on Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower and earning the Festive Feast Bag.

When players have accumulated enough Harvest Dinners, they can trade them in at the Dragon Express. Of course, the better items do require a good bit of Harvest Dinners to acquire. But, even if you only have one dinner, you can pick up something — that something being a Fortune Potion.

During this event, players can also earn double rewards for defeating Koldrak and completing “The Dragon’s Lair” daily. And, to round things out, players can also take part in a special game — Treasure Draw — where they’ll use keys acquired from the Hongmooon Store to pick numbers on a game board for a chance to win prizes. Details on both of these as well as a list of prizes are available on the Blade & Soul site.

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