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Wizard101 - Exploring Catacombs In The Latest Update

Wizard101 - Exploring Catacombs In The Latest Update
Posted At: 6th-Nov-2019
Posted By: AwadGorg


It’s that time of the year again - Wizard101’s major content patch! With this update, we have two new dungeons - one for lower levels, and a new dungeon storyline for max level wizards! Along with these two new dungeons - we also have new event updates, a new spellwrighting upgrade system, improvements to the hatchmaking kiosk, and several other new features! There’s a lot to go over, so keep on reading for all the details on this test realm! (As a note, there will be some spoilers to the storyline of these dungeons - so if you haven’t ran these proceed with caution!)

First off is the big content of the update - two new dungeons! For wizards level 15 and over, you can head over to that Olde Town drain that has been of much examination by the NPCs - and start an adventure into the sewers! Along the way, you’ll get a sneak peek into some familiar faces that may or may not appear in the other dungeon, and encounter a very dapper ant sporting a tuxedo! However, the real fun starts in the form of the Drains and Catacombs, the new max level dungeon content!


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