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Anno online is a browser game released by Ubisoft in 2013. This game has evoked such mixed reactions, no single review can reflect its true value. It's necessary for each player to test drive it themselves and form their own opinions on the quality of this title.

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Anno online is a free-to-play, browser-based city building game from blue byte software and ubisoft entertainment. players can build and expand their cities while working together to construct larger structures, and can utilize the game's online Features such as guilds, chat, leaderboards, stats, in-game mail, and more.

for fans of anno 1404, the gameplay is almost exactly the same, just adapted for internet browsers. your initial goal in the game is to build a marketplace which allows the inhabitants to spend their gold on your goods. obviously, each inhabitant of your town has their own needs which are your responsibility to meet.

after you've built the marketplace, you need to construct other buildings which are essential in the progression of your empire. in building fishing huts, animals farms and other compounds, you provide money and resources for your empire, either in the form of goods to be sold or the creation of raw materials necessary in order to manufacture other objects.