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Engage in furious tank combat using the latest armored vehicles in the next-gen multiplayer tank shooter. Choose cooperative missions, PvP battles or our exclusive hybrid battle mode. Attack and dominate war theaters ranging from desolate to urban, and crush your enemies on the modern

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Armored Warfare is an upcoming f2p mmog from obsidian entertainment and akin to other tank battlers like world of tanks, Armored Warfare seeks to up the ante by offering more than one or two pvp modes. complete with customization, co-op missions, class roles, and more, Armored Warfare aims to be the tank warfare mmog for pve and pvp fans alike.

in Armored Warfare, you become a mercenary commander expanding your private fleet of military vehicles, taking on deadly missions and dealing with opponents with a vast array of war machines at your disposal.

play Armored Warfare for free now and charge into battle with 100+ vehicles spread over multiple classes! raid over a dozen pvp maps for competitive play and take part in a wide range of cooperative missions, teaming up with your friends around the world. from scorching african deserts, through the mountains of china, to russian tundra. experience everything modern tank warfare has to offer!


  • deep character and crew development | build and customize your tank's crew to your heart's content.
  • modern warfare | play with and against the most elite machinery in the modern world today.
  • co-op or pvp modes | play with and against other players and ai, in both pve and pvp game modes.

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