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Aura Kingdom is a free to play MMORPG that focuses on companion interaction. Journey throughout the land with companions that are far more than just pets along for the ride. There will be eight different classes for you to choose amongst each with their complex skill trees.

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Aura Kingdom, is an anime mmorpg set in the wildly alive world of azuria. in azuria the power of gaia remains ever-present. in times of crisis, this power awakens spiritual gifts in certain individuals. those people become envoys of gaia, and their actions will shape the fate of the world. when the power awakens within the envoy, a spirit of the Aura Kingdom is drawn to them.this spirit takes its shape and its personality from the hopes and fears of the envoy. in this way, the spirit becomes an eidolon, an outward image of the best of what’s inside the envoy’s heart. together, envoy and eidolon stand against those who would destroy azuria.


  • interactive companions | your pets will fight with you, level up, have abilities and skills, and they'll even talk with you about Event s going on.
  • fluid combat | outmaneuver your enemies if you plan on surviving!
  • explore as much as possible | the whole world is awaiting your discovery as you visit dungeons, towers, face 
players take the role of these envoys, hoping to save azuria from the oncoming darkness. currently players can choose from one of eight classes; the guardian, the duelist, the ravager, the wizard, the sorcerer, the bard, the grenadier, and the gunslinger. players then choose from one of the four starting eidolon companions to team up with during battles to create spectacular combos.

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