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Battle Of Beasts

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Battle of Beasts combines monster training with city building as players design their own mythical realm and recruit monsters to battle it out in the campaign portion of the game or against other players

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the game is playable entirely in your browser and easily one of the best games to come from the upjers studio, it’s got a nice eerie soundtrack, plenty of sound effects and strong graphics that bring your gruesome creatures to life.

players will start by focusing on the building elements of Battle of Beasts as you create your first habitat, recruit your first hero (a simple imp) and create a farm to generate food for your creatures which plays an important role in keeping them in fighting shape and helping them level up.

Battle of Beasts – create your own monster realm

the Battle of Beasts offers you many modes of gameplay. the further you progress, the moreand customization options you’ll have at your disposal. dive into a fascinatingworld. keep monsters, produce feed with the help of the farm, mill and bakery, take care of your creatures and send them off into epic battles. many exciting quests and tons of new challenges await you in the course of this upjers. explore and conquer a total of nine territories, from the small and humble tutorria to the once mighty dwarven realm of byrkenholm whose ruins and crypts are guarded by mythical black dogs, the so-called barghests. fashion your own monster realm and discover the mysterious world of Battle of Beasts. experience a uniquebrowser game that combines cool battle game Features with online roleplaying game elements with a unique twist. if you want to trygames and dragon games free, just register for free in the upjers portal and you’re ready to go! go forth into the Battle of Beasts!

Battle of Beasts -- rule and fight!

it’s an adventure like you’ve never experienced before. in the fantasy Battle of Beasts, you will create your own monster empire. you will keep and care for fearsome monstrosities, with which you will fight enemy units. conquer the mysterious and treacherous regions of the Battle of Beasts – from the dark forests of the isles of belgron over elfrarheim, the realm of the wild wendigos, to the volcanoes of ignizor, which even the dragons fear. experience a unique online roleplaying game challenge. unlock cool battle game Features and dive into a fascinating world of monsters, battles and mysteries. in Battle of Beasts, bamberg game developer upjers offers you a great turn-basedgame. explore this impressive combination of tycoon and battle game. be courageous, rule, battle and create your own monster empire. register free now!

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