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Bloody West Infamous Legends

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Bloody West: Infamous Legends is an RTS that challenges you to establish a town in the Wild West. But, it won’t be easy. Your job is to protect and feed all your citizens as well as defend them from outlaws' attacks. 

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bloody west: infamous legends is a browser and mobile basedandgame which lets you strap on your spurs and make your mark on the wild west. the american west lies open in the years following the american civil war, and you are the founder of your own town on the frontier. whether you have always wanted to become a cattle baron, ride across the range at the head of a posse, or rob the central pacific railroad with your gang, you can do it in bloody west: infamous legends. wyatt earp and billy the kid better make room for one more legend of the old west!

if you want your town to work properly, you have to build a bunch of different buildings. you'll need a town hall, a sheriff's office, a hotel, a saloon, a small hospital, and much more. you can also raise the level of the different buildings in your town. in fact, you need to raise the level of a lot of the buildings in order to complete some of the missions in the game. 

a huge part of bloody west: infamous legends is about defending your town from outlaws that attack it. and to do that, you need to hire bailiffs that can help the sheriff fight criminals. you can even battle in different points of the map to earn rewards. 


write your legend – wild bill hickok, jesse james, buffalo bill cody – these are the legends of the american west. now, as a lawman in a small western town, you have the opportunity to write your own story.

its your town – manage a town on the western frontier, and use tactics andto reach your goals. assert yourself against the other players as a cattle baron, mining magnate, or even as a gang leader, and run the rubbish out of town. you’re the law!

colonel colt made men equal – sometimes the only way to settle things in the old west was to strap on your sixand get to work. the only things you can depend on here are your horse, your wits, and your gun.