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Castle Clash

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Castle Clash is a 2D strategy game by IGG available on Android and iOS And Facebook. Build and battle against over 70 million players worldwide in an addictive game of strategy and turn-based combat

Game Overview:

Castle Clash is a multiplatform, free to play mmo strategy and fantasy combat game for pc browser, ios, android, and amazon phones, played by over 100 million people worldwide. Castle Clash provides players with a brilliant mix of fast-pacedand exciting combat. players can hire legions of powerful heroes and lead an army of mythical creatures, both great and small, and then lead their forces into battle against enemy clashers, but be prepared to defend your base against opponents who seek only to do the exact same thing to you! fight to the top and become the world’s greatest warlord. in Castle Clash, your empire is as strong as your creativity!


  • fast-paced action: enjoy fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles full of brutality and strategic planning.
  • pvp: pit your heroes against other players in the arena.
  • pve: join other players and conquer team dungeons.
  • guild battles : create your very own guild and lead it to victory in guild wars.