Clash Of Avatars

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Game Description:

Clash of Avatars is a free to play browser-based ARPG with simple controls and ease of play that’s virtually unrivaled in the realm of online gaming. It’s light-hearted, casual fun with a bright and cheery anime style that’s evident even when you’re hacking through scores of enemies.

Game Overview:

CLASH OF AVATARS is a fun mythicalwith a stylizedlook from amzgame. drawing on inspiration fromand cosplay, accompanied by unusual and exotic companions and a wide array of loyal and ever increasing powerful equine, avian and dragos mounts, coa is a game for players that are looking for fun, entertainment and enjoyment in a game with a community spirit, full of fun, laughter and battle quests to share with friends and your gaming family.

there are over 60 avatar skins and 50 mounts to choose from, as well as a bunch of pets, so you can trick out your character in nearly every possible way. you can participate in many different kinds of pve content, such as world bosses or corridor defense, or try your hand at three different types of pvp. or you can just play at your own pace and explore the vast and beautiful world.


  • three classes with over sixty avatars | you can play a mage, warrior, or priest, but finding all sixty avatars in the game will advance your attributes
  • over 60 avatars to customize appearance
  • monsters and dance contests | not only do you adventure and kill monsters, you also can take part in some of the top dance contests in the land.
  • four ways to upgrade gear | you can grow gearas you get stronger. there are ways to promote, enhance, enchant, or socket your gear.
  • multiple pve and pvp modes