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Dark Omen

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Game Description:

Dark Omen is a browser-based MMORPG of a new generation made in fantasy style. Bright game effects, excellent graphics, unique game system and exciting story tasks, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the stunning, event-filled game world.

Game Overview:

Dark Omen is a highbrowser-basedthat pits you and other heroes against a demon invasion and you must save your world. the game is free to play and Features in-depthsystems like pve dungeons, pvp arenas, guilds and more which is great for browser players.

future of this world depends only on you today. since the gods don’t want to intervene and stop the carnage, we must become a god and solve this matter once and for all! can you find strength, curb your blood and subdue your inner demon? after all, by only becoming a demon, you can take the place of a god!

the game offers limited class choices at launch, but makes up for it with very good graphics and combat mechanics. content isn't original, but offers enough progression such as upgrading mounts, gearand more to keep players interested at the end-game.


  • two unique and original game classes
  • exciting game Event s.
  • ability to turn into a demon during battle
  • completey free to play at launch with optional cash shop
  • lack of class choices as only two available at launch
  • very good graphics but it takes a long time to load
  • guild battles and pvp arenas
  • developed and multifaceted system of upgrading the hero and their skills