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Dark Orbit is a free to play browser based MMO with a heavy focus on ship battles, resource collection, and clan interaction. aims to replicate the likes of Eve Online, within the confines of and top down isometric browser game.

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DarkOrbit requires a quick trigger finger, bearing some resemblance to arcadegames of the past, but with greater customization options. whether you pilot a quick, lightly armored ship, or a heavy cruiser that dishes out and takes a ton of punishment, or a support ship to shield your allies from harm, you’ll be able to alter your game to suit your play style. collect resources to enrich your faction, and lead your clan into war for total dominance of the galaxy!

this gameplay loop, along with some solid sound design and interesting ships to create and customize makes for a very enjoyable. however the repetitive quests, over reliance on grinding, and difficulty may grate on some players’ nerves.graphically speaking the game is top notch: we’ve rarely seens as visually impressive. 

main points: quality action-based browser-game, that differentiates itself from the mass of strategic titles. fun gameplay loop and top-notch graphics after the latest 2016 major update. interesting choice between companies. few downsides, with repetitive quests being the most problematic.

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