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Dead Frontier is a free-to-play browser MMORPG from Jagged Blade Software that sets players as survivors of a zombie outbreak, and now must fight to survive in a zombie-infested city. Player may help other survivors, raid malls, and fight zombies using over 100 weapons.

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Dead Frontier combines 3rd person survival horrorwith more traditional role-playing elements to create a totally uniqueexperience. players will need to have their wits about them as they struggle for survival in the decaying, zombie infested city of fairview. will you stay in the relative safety of the last remaining human outpost, or attempt to create your own hideout in the depths of the city? the choice is yours.

Dead Frontier plays exclusively in your browser and requires no extra downloads of any kind. what’s more the registration requires only a few seconds so you’ll be playing in no time!


  • unique survival horror gameplay | more than simply killing zombies, players must also seek out hard-to-find food, ammo,, and medical supplies.
  • 100% player-driven economy | no npc vendors! players must buy, sell, and trade with other players.
  • create hideouts | players may choose to reside in the last remaining human outpost, or set up in and barricade any old abandoned building.
  • global Event s | the last human outpost is attacked at various times during the day, and players must work together to protect the civilians within
  • fairview city | a massive, deserted metropolis, with office complexes, restaurants, and supermarkets now open to the walking dead.
  • single player available | in order to give players a feeling of isolation, danger, and true horror.

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