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Dragon Ball Z Online

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Dragon Ball Z Online is a browser based MMORPG where players create, recruit, and fight against popular characters from the source material. Collect powerful gear, train your party, and take on a variety of trials, dungeons, and even showcase your strength in PVP.

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embark on an epic quest to find the seven dragon balls and grant your one wish in Dragon Ball Z Online, a Free-To-Play browser-based mmorpg. create your character as a saiyan, android, or majin, and recruit allies to help you in your fight. take on dungeons alone or with friends and earn epic gearyou can use to achieve victory in advanced pve dungeons or pvp battles!

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  • status: released
  • release date: nov 16, 2016
  • business model: free to play
  • developer: playwebgame
  • publisher: playwebgame
  • category: browser
  • genre(s): 2d, mmo, rpg
  • platforms: pc

you’ll start out fairly weak, but as you progress, more options are open to you, such as dungeons that go all the way up to “extreme” difficulty — with prizes to match. Dragon Ball Z Online has many levels of progression and gear, sure to keep you occupied for a long time, and plenty of challenges and rewards for players of all levels of skill and time commitment.

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