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Eldarya is an online visual novel created by Beemoov. First launched on December 16th, 2014 in French, it has since branched out to other languages. Taking place in a fantasy world, the player character (often referred to as Erika) has the ability to encounter many other characters

Game Overview:

Eldarya is a free to play browser-basedgame and romance simulation with memorable character s and episode-based gameplay. get to know the inhabitants and companions of Eldarya! experience your own adventure and romance in this magical world, where the story and your relationships depend on the choices you make. every decision you make impacts the flow of the story, and the Event ual outcome you get is decided solely by your actions. new episodes are released regularly, and each one introduces new character s and stories! what decisions will you make, and where will your stories take you? find out in Eldarya!

the story starts with erika taking a walk in a forest near her home. she's worried about what will come next once she is finished her studies and this particular forest was always a lovely escape from the world.

after wondering around for a bit, she finds a spot of newly grown grass surrounded by a circle of white mushrooms, something that she does not think she has ever seen in the area before. upon stepping into the circle, she is surrounded by a bunch of brilliant white lights, making her close her eyes. when she opens them she finds herself in a room that has a gigantic blue crystal in the middle of it.


  • adventure and romance – experience a world of adventure and mystery, but also a world of love and companionship. the best stories, after all, are love stories!
  • episodic gameplay – enjoy more than a dozen full episodes, and new ones are added all the time! each episode adds new character s, new choices, new adventures… and new endings!
  • interesting character s – a world full of interesting character s and potential companions await. decisions you make while interacting with them will impact their view of you, so consider your answers.
  • decision-based story – your own adventure depends on your own decisions. from romance choices to casual meetings, every interaction can impact the outcome of the game. think carefully!