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Empire: Revenant

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Empire: Revenant is a free-to-play strategy browser game. In this epic world, your customized historical figures and mythological characters become heroes and guardians in your legendary army. Command troops of archers, lancers, cavalries and more in some of the most tactical battles in history

Game Overview:

Empire: Revenant is a free to play browser based historical strategy game which lets you take control of the persians, the greeks, or the romans, and then fight to reshape the world! create your leader and take command of your infantry, archers, cavalry, and other more specialized units, and lead them to victory on the battlefield. every unit has unique strengths and weaknesses, and so does every unit you will face; keep this in mind as you amass and deploy your forces. step onto the battlefield and defend your lands, or expand them, help your allies… or crush them when they’re at their weakest. the choices are yours, the future is yours!


  • heroes | in this epic world, your customized historical figures have become heroes and guardians now.
  • epic campaign | there are 43 campaigns in empire revenant and each campaign is including 12 battles. 516 battles in total for now, awaiting your triumph.
  • faction battles | territory is the most important resource for every country. in the faction battle, you are the best warrior to defend your empire and your people.

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