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Fairy Tail Heros Journey

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Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey is a free-to-play browser game where players can create their own wizard in the world of the hit anime series Fairy Tail. Players can fight alongside other wizards from the Fairy Tail guild on epic quests and even create their own guild with other players.

Game Overview:

anime manga web-browsermmorpg - collect well loved character s as companions and explore the official world of fairy tail with turn-based combat that's true to the manga. the gameplay is easy to grasp as players pick from one of three classes and progress through the world via leveling up themselves and their companions. combat is turn-based with party dynamics that are fun to watch due to the excellent animations. however, the battles are passive for the most part meaning you actively do nothing but watch most of the time. the game also has an in-depth cash shop that can be advantageous, but not necessary for end-game progression. overall, fairy tail: hero's journey is a good free to play title that will serve loyal fans of the series with plenty of originality and fun.

with so many possibilities and the excitement of creating your own wizard with customizable spells, fairy tail: hero’s journey is sure to deliver an exciting addition to the fairy tail lore and world.


  • gorgeous authentic world and art style based on the fairy tail franchise
  • dozens of pets and companions to collect
  • turn-based party battle system but passive in design
  • free to play but expect intrusive cash shop
  • easy to follow stories and quests for fans but will differ for newcomers