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In 37 Games’ newest title, you’ll cut your way through endless hordes of demons and other cursed beasts as you seek to unravel the mysteries of the ancient and mysterious Felspire. Choose from one of three characters and choose from over 100,000 outfits to make your mark on the world.

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in the world of Felspire, named eremos, brave adventurers have descended upon this continent from different corners of world to claim the Felspire for their own. rafe - the noble one, is the prince of the last human empire. as a mage, rafe is at one with both nature and mysticism. he possesses the ability to harness natural forces, summon the flames of hell, and use lightning to roast all those who stand in his way.

archers possess accurate, ranged attacks. they are elegant, swift hunters with the ability to track game thousands of miles away. the elven archers have been staunch allies of the humans and have proved to be invaluable in their quest to secure the sanctity of the Felspire.

warriors are brave and fearless. they always take the brunt of the initial collision and resist frontal attacks. tork, the most famous of warriors leads by his own fearless fortitude and conviction. he desires not only to bring peace and stability to eremos but to vanquish the forces of "other" into utter obscurity.

to equip your character for his or her epic journey, you’ll need the best gear, which you can acquire through battle and then remake using the forge system, which you can use to improve its stats. you can also take your pet into battle with you, and it will fight by your side, increasing its combat capabilities as you defeat your enemies. weekly guild vs. guild battles will keep pvpers on their toes, and you can battle elite foes for awesome rewards.

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