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Football Superstars

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Football Superstars is a free MMORPG football game where you create a character that will play 3D football matches. The game offers several gameplay aspects, with the most obvious being the sport which is based on: football. As a football player, you have to play matches in the 3D match engine.

Game Overview:

an onlinegame for the pc, Football Superstars will allow players to meet within a utopian soccer-styled virtual world and take part in 3, 5, 7 and 11-a-side football matches. players will take control of a single footballer and will interact on and off the pitch living the football superstar lifestyle whilst pursuing fame, glory and success, striving to join the best clubs, compete at the highest level and progress within the game through skill and sporting prowess. the player will exist in a persistent football-themed world and be able to join or form and manage their own teams and careers whilst engaging in various leagues, competitions, Event s and tournaments

there’s also pmc management, meaning you get to create your own club or get a management position in one of the existing clubs. set up tactics, search for valuable players, study matches and manage your club the best that you can.

finally, you’re part of a large community and you can help improve it. you’re free to play on the test server to discover bugs, set up competitions or help arranging them, drop your suggestions on the forums and generally help new players get in the game.