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Browser based Strategy which transports players through history. - Forge of Empires is an interesting blend of strategy, resource management and turn-based combat. This free to play browser-based game allows you to create your very own empire, starting in the early Bronze Age and advancing towa

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Forge of Empires is a browser-based mmorts by innogames. relive history as you rule over your empire through the stages of early human civilizations. starting from the stone age and advancing to the late middle ages, watch your empire progress through the ages. manage your city, produce resources, and build an army to conquer surrounding providences. features a single player campaign as well as pvp action.

Forge of Empires is not just a city building simulation; as your city expands you must fend off other players who attack mercilessly in an attempt to plunder your resources. cunning,and economic balance all come into play to make Forge of Empires a challenging and enjoyable game.


  • completely free to play browser basedgame.
  • no download required to play, simply sign in via a webpage and away you go!
  • resources and experience are plentiful, making the cash shop almostunnecessary.
  • easy going and non-demanding game play.

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