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Global Strike is a browser-based FPS developed by NGames and published by Game321. Enjoy a classic FPS gaming experience in any PC web browser with tons of different game modes to enjoy.

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Global Strike is a high-octane browser fps with a variety of game modes. in addition to your standardmultiplayer modes, you can also play solo or even as an infected mutant, infecting other players or ripping them to shreds with your deadly claws.

unlike most browser-based games, there are no plugins required to play, and the game runs smoothly on nearly all systems, thanks to what ngames describes as a “self-optimizing 3d engine.” this means you can hop in and play very quickly and can even sneak in a few matches on a public machine without worrying about download barriers, such as firewalls.


  • optimized action:  the game adopts a self-optimizing 3d engine, bringing a smooth gaming experience to players without worrying about network delay.
  • several game modes: including mutant, solo, team and bomb defuse mode.
  • low system requirements.
  • no plugin downloads.

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