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Gods Origin Online

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Gods Origin Online is a browser-based MMORPG by VivaGames. In it, you controller a summoner who wields the power to yank various deities back through time in an effort to prevent Ragnarok from happening.

Game Overview:

Gods Origin Online is a 2d free-to-play browser mmorpg where you’ll fight alongside the gods themselves in an epic war of faith. perform various tasks, such as daily quests and storyline quests to advance your character and Event ually you’ll be able to summon the gods themselves to aid you in battle!

Gods Origin Online starts by having you choose between one of two classes: swordsman or mage. however, since virtually all the combat in gods origins online (to be henceforth known as goo) can be (and should be) automated, this choice doesn’t matter an awful lot. it all comes down on which pixels you most prefer to see on screen. but do take note: none of the animations in goo are all too great. the art is fine—especially if you like scantily-clad females—but all the animations seem to be running at about half-speed.

you’ll need solid strategy to win your battles, deploying your character s in lines to properly make the most use of your skills. participate in special events for treasure, and when you need a break, you can even idle in the game to gain wisdom points, which increase your battle rating.


  • browser-based strategy rpg
  • many different activities
  • lots of customization
  • progression choices