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Goodgame Empire is a browser-based MMO Strategy game by Goodgame Studios. Design and build your own Medieval castle, create a powerful army, and fight against other players on a dynamic world map as you attempt to conquer the four kingdoms and unite them under your rule.

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Goodgame Empire gameplay

Goodgame Empire is based on resource production as same as othergames. you should create your resource buildings, upgrade them, create units and conquer the lands. there will be a tutorial for you at the beginning of the game which will help you about building. the tutorial will not aide you too long. when you are done with the tutorial, we recommend you to follow quests in Goodgame Empire, it will give you many good ideas about creating your city defense, upgrading buildings and attack your enemies. also please ensure that your food resources building works with 100 percent work load. it means you will be out of food soon. if your farmhouses works with 100 percent, build another farmhouse in your castle. dwellings will increase your population on the game and you will able to collect more taxes from your folks. you can also upgrade your dwellings to increase your population at your town.

you can not manage your units during the battle on the game. however you can tell your units how they will attack their enemies. you can select front line, back line, flank parts of your army.

you can watch the video below for learning more about gameplay.

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