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In Grepolis, a browser based online strategy game, it is your task to build up from a small Polis (Greek for town) to a huge metropolis. Unite with other players in victorious alliances, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away.

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GREPOLIS is advertised freebrowser game that has recently brought over to the us servers.  the object of the game is to build cities and a military that can conquer and take cities away from other players.  you must work with other players forming alliances and Event ually take control of the many islands that make up the game map. each island contains space for twenty city slots and once your alliance controls an island, you can build a world wonder near the end game. to get to the end game will take roughly two years depending on the amount of players and the number of cities built. this game is always active.  if you are not online and playing you can still lose your cities to other players. another downside to this is there is no option to hide your armies.  you can however install an app to play the game on your phone while you are away from the pc and it has a option that will notify you if your are being attacked, but unless you are ok with being woken up at 4am, best to leave it off.

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