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Hunter X Hunter Online

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Based on the popular Hunter X Hunter manga, this free-to-play browser-based MMORPG offers a wide range of adventures featuring Gon and all his friends! Recruit your favorite characters, meet up with your friends, and join a guild before embarking on epic adventures!

Game Overview:

hunter x hunter began its life as a modest manga that soon exploded in popularity. its firstseries premiered in 1999 (and then another in 2011). the manga was also adapted into quite a few video games. now it’s a free-to-play, browser-based mmorpg. fans of the manga andwill surely find a lot to like here, and if it’s their firstof this nature, it will feel fresh, but this is definitely not a fresh formula. almost everything in Hunter X Hunter Online has been seen elsewhere. fortunately, though, hxh online (as it will henceforth be called) does it all well.

the key to success in Hunter X Hunter Online is having the right character s in the right formations. you can let the battles play out on their own, so make sure you have a good mix of dps, support, and tank heroes. take on world bosses or the challenging sky arena to reap the greatest rewards and advance your heroes and gearto unlock their greatest power!


  • browser-based rpg
  • lots of customization
  • based on the popular manga/anime property
  • flash-based graphics and low system requirements