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Game Description:

Imperial Hero II is a F2P medieval-themed MMORPG where you get dictate every choice along your hero's journey in becoming a living legend. Sculpt your personalized adventure amidst the expansive empire of Ayarr and seize your destiny, available via browser and Android.

Game Overview:

Imperial Hero II is a free to play fantasy mmorpg offering exploration and adventure, right in your browser. choose your character ’s avatar and set off into the world, exploring the provinces and facing off against dangers. an unusual automatic combat makes gameplay approachable for players of all skill levels, from brand new beginners to diehard browser fans. as you explore, your character will learn and  grow, and their story will unfold. what paths will your adventures lead you down? what people will you meet, and what sort of challenges will you overcome?

Imperial Hero II Features :

  • character development – choose a name and an avatar, and discover how far you can go. as you explore and adventure, you’ll gain in skill and experience, and be able to face tougher challenges. master loads of skills and spells, find and equip the best gear, and be the hero the empire needs!
  • easy to learn – battles in Imperial Hero II are automated, but you can choose your abilities before the fight begins! careful pre-battle planning will ensure your victories, and offers plenty of time to consider your options.
  • live and adventure – the world of Imperial Hero II is vast, and hundreds of quests await! explore and seek out lost treasures. complete quests for the locals and reap the rewards. face off against hordes of monsters, big and small, and wil the glory – and loot.
  • play together – join a guild with other players, or start one of your own and lead the way. get into challenging guild battles against other guilds, and win glory and fame. a road is more fun when you don’t travel alone!