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Game Description:

Kapilands is a free to play browser-based economics and business simulation which lets you grow a tiny business into a thriving empire. Step into the driver’s seat in the world of business and see how far you can grow your start-up. Have you ever dreamed of being a fashion designer?

Game Overview:

Kapilands is abrowser simulator game. run your company and be a real businessman. sign contracts, send faxes and store new items to your warehouse. earn money and spend it well, develop your business and make good sales. if you would like to know more about economics and business world then this game is just perfect for you!

Kapilands Features :

  • dream and do – Kapilands offers a lively community and a chance to make your fortune in no time at all. from rags to riches, your dreams can and will come true here.
  • build an empire – build your company with over 40 different buildings and raise it to a business empire. you can do cattle breeding, high tech business, agriculture or become a fashion trader… what ever you want.
  • produce and grow – start your production by choosing from more than 100 different items and increase your product quality by continuous research. cooperate with other players, or start your own production chain.
  • trade and sell – sell your products to virtual clients or haggle with real players, in order to reach the best sales price. send contracts or offer your products on the board and/or in the chat.