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Knight’s Fable is a role-playing MMO set in a time of knights and gods. While it’s very similar to the previous R2-GTArcade release, League of Angels, the title makes small improvements in the area of story - rife with twists, betrayals and a cast of half-demons, nobles and divine beings.

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in gtarcade’s free-to-play knight’s fable, take on powerful enemies in a variety of different game modes and nab their sweet loot! you’ll start by choosing from one of five heroes, each with their own strengths, and hunt down monsters in the wild or in challenging dungeons. there are escort missions, pvp alliance wars, exploration quests, and you can even go to hell to face some of the toughest demons in existence!

you are given four classes to choose from upon starting the game, which is pretty much a cosmetic selection as no information on stats or skill specialties are offered other than their class names. you are then thrown into the story, with your hero speaking to a divine being, moirae, about the land being overrun by evil forces. to remedy this, she sends you 1000 years into the future. whoa!

knight’s fable excels at this kind of super dramatic plot device. through the course of the story, you’ll discover plenty of twists, gasp-worthy reveals and betrayals as you meet an expanding cast of half-demons, wise old guys and top-heavy babes. a complex plot alone, however, does not make a great story without equally good writing to back it up.

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