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LIBERATORS: A WWII STRATEGY EPIC is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game that brings the action of the second world war right to your browswer. Join the fight and battle your way across the bloodiest war the world has ever seen.

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LIBERATORS: a wwiiepic is a simultaneous turn-basedgame that brings theof the second world war right to your browswer. join the fight and battle your way across the bloodiest war the world has ever seen. with real-timebattles, historically accurate units, and complex resource management, LIBERATORS is a high-stakes thriller and one of the top games of 2016. form alliances, liberate cities, and save the world from the spread of fascism. prove you have what it takes to be a real liberator today! 

there are several different types of units to recruit, including infantry, tanks, and mortars. each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to use them effectively on the battlefield to triumph. units progress by gaining xp and from being equipped with more advanced gear, forging them into the ultimate weapons of war.


  • the authentic ww2 experience!! | get immersed in ww2 like few other games have accomplished before!
  • the toughest generals! | take control of historically accurate figures from one of the bloodiest wars of last century and have them command vast armies across europe.
  • here’s your chance to rewrite history! | fight alongside the greatest military commanders the world has ever seen. recruit them, upgrade them in many different ways and fight other commanders to vanquish enemies and restore justice to europe!
  • rescue nazi-occupied europe! | put yourskills to the test in this unique game featuring turn-based strategy, complex resource management, real-timebattles and hero collecting role play.
  • form powerful alliances! | the biggest battles won’t be won alone. team up with other commanders and bring opposers to their knees in the grisliest campaign this world has ever seen. get in on thetoday!

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