Magerealm Rise Of Chaos

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Magerealm is the ultimate evolution of the browser fantasy action MMO. Independently designed and featuring three character classes, with countless heroes and angels to customize the experience, Magerealm offers an adrenaline filled top-down RPG adventure. Whether its story, progression, or intense

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recruit valiant heroes and fight against the forces of evil in magerealm: rise of chaos, a browser-basedfrom gtarcade. in the past, a great war between the seven races was halted by a council of each races’ wisest leaders, but they were attacked by powerful demons and sacrificed themselves to take them down. now, you’ll join the quest for vengeance by seeking out orbs of wisdom that will be needed when the demons return to finish the job.


  • three character classes: play as a wily truthkeeper, capable of burning their demon blood to change forms, a devastatingly powerful spellmaster, or a magic infused realmguard, tasked with holding the line of defense for their magic kinsmen. then customize them with a vast array of unlockable skills.
  • fullexperience: all stock standardluxury Features are here, including guilds, pvp, dungeon instances, an auction house, advanced progression paths, complex crafting systems, and raids.
  • prove your strength: whether it be leading the armies of man in world boss raids, or rising the ladder in ranked pvp, magerealm offers the opportunities to test your metal, and showcase your skill in reactivecombat driven content.
  • recruit mighty heroes and lovely angels: recruit and train three heroes from a massive variety available, and call upon them to assist you in battle! then summon your own light or dark angel as a familiar, and improve your relationship to unlock the full potential of her supportive power!
as a powerful mage searching for clues to this great treasure, you’ll select heroes to fight alongside you on your journey. level up your heroes to increase their skills and abilities in combat. sometimes you’ll discover wings, powerful artifacts left by the mages of the past that bestow amazing powers on their bearers. join the mage council to make your mark upon the world and bring back the light!