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Dive into the Farming Game Magoia, a Fantasy-world full of magic and enchantments. The garden simulation invites you to cultivate fantastic and mysterious plants in your gardens, to brew magic tonics and to raise baby dragons.

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dive into the farming game Magoia, a fantasy-world full of magic and enchantments. the gardeninvites you to cultivate fantastic and mysterious plants in your gardens, to brew magic tonics and to raise baby dragons. help the inhabitants of Magoia to take care of their tasks and protect your tribe from the shadow, which has emerged thousands of moon cycles ago and that send evil monsters into your gardens.

in the farming browsergame Magoia, you can connect to other players in clans. not only can you help each other with the building of your gardens that way, but you can also meet and make new friends that way. sign up for the fantasy-gardensimulation-game and discover the world of Magoia now and follow the call of your clan!

update on november 15th, 2018

here's what's coming into the update:
- bugfix: you can copy messages from the clan news board again. this was broken for a while but will work again after the update.
- improvement: there are new icons for the chat after the update!
- bugfix: a wrong message was sent when a friend monster was being driven away in a neighboring garden. this was repaired and the right message appears.
- bugfix: in water garden 2 the gardener is displayed above a monster. it has been corrected that the monster is in front of the gardener (only above his foot).
- improvement: in the blackboard of the clan the color of its own text is different from the color of the others, as it is in the normal global chat.
- bugfix: there was a display error with the dots in the world tree. this is fixed.
- bugfix: in the book of goals some plants were not displayed correctly. this is also fixed.
- bugfix: we fixed and improved several spelling mistakes. 
- improvement: the dragon plants in the shop are all 50 % cheaper. starting with the update they cost 40 water lilies instead of 80.
- improvement: if a player has been inactive for too long, he will be removed from the clan automatically. the clan member will get a notification.
- bugfix: you cannot buy your own plants in the market anymore.
- bugfix: sometimes when healing trees some points were not counted when helping clan members. this problem is fixed and will not occur again

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