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Monkey King Online is a free-to-play browser MMORPG inspired by the Chinese epic Journey to the West. Players choose one of four ancient heroes, including the rebellious Monkey King himself, and embark on a quest to bring peace to a broken world. Real-time combat is enhanced by the Immortals, g

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this epic journey to the west has players living the legend of the monkey king in a mmorpg world that is unlike any other. discovering the secrets of magic and mastering the arts of discipline and war, players will march across new lands invoking the immortals and preparing for the a future epic battle of cosmic proportions.

players choose between four different character s, including the iron fan princess whom has tamed volcanic fires of the flaming mountains with a palm-leaf fan. her husband the ox demon lord, who has mastered the 72 transformations technique. beautiful fox demon whom has the task of bringing balance to the world, and of course the monkey king, also known as sun go kong, and protector of the monk tang zeng.

Monkey King Online has been updated with fresh new Features , a level cap increas, a new map, and many other fresh Features as the ongoing open beta progresses. in addition, players will now have the ability to unlock "immortals" that will allow five unique combat skills. 

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