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New World Empires

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Game Description:

New World Empires is a free to play browser-based historical grand strategy game from Bytro Labs,which places players in command of a nation which they must grow into a globe-spanning empire. New World Empires spans the era from approximately 1450 – right around the time that the colonial European

Game Overview:

New World Empires is a Free-To-Play browser-basedgame developed by bytro labs. in New World Empires players can control their own realm at the start of the 19th century. the world is full of conflict, but only because of the opportunity the new world offers. every nation is looking to colonize their own slice of this new land, and you are no different!

New World Empires Features :

  • massive multiplayer action – compete against up to 30 players for victory
  • into the unknown – explore unknown lands and discover the new world
  • colonize new places – colonize newly discovered provinces
  • achieve military supremacy – conquer your enemies with units from three different branches: regular troops, mercenaries and colonial troops
  • govern your empire – administrate provinces and improve them
  • negotiate the landscape – manage 10 different terrain types which influence units
  • keep on the cutting edge – research 150+ techs from the warfare, economy and colonization techtree including many buildings, buffs and units