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Nords is a F2P browser and mobile MMORTS from Plarium games. The Northern realm of Shingård has seen it all. Floods, plagues, bad food, and marauding heroes - you name it, it’s happened. Now, things are about to get worse

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Nords is a f2p browser andmmorts from plarium games. the northern realm of shingård has seen it all. floods, plagues, bad food, and marauding heroes - you name it, it’s happened. now, things are about to get worse. the ice queen and her army of undead have returned. king björn the awesome has picked you and your ragtag army of northmen, orcs, elves and dragons to do something about it.

forge alliances, train your champion, and join millions of players and thousands of clans as you battle it out across the frozen north. arm your stronghold, build your army and prepare to fight for loot and glory!


  • fast-paced (compared to similar games) strategy with lots of things to do and daily quests.
  • funny, humoristic atmosphere thanks to the great voice-acting and top-notch artworks.
  • 3 different races: northmen, orcs and elves.
  • equip and level-up your hero.
  • ally with your neighbours, or attack and raid them without mercy!
Nords begins by introducing you to bjorn, the game’s comedic relief and one of few redeeming qualities. voiced by patrick warburton of “family guy” fame, bjorn’s self-important commentary consistently makes me chuckle, and his in game splash art is beautifully done.

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