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Omega Zodiac is an MMORPG where you get to play as a knight, mage or archer. Following the Gold Sacred system, each one of the different constellations in the game offers their own set of essential battle skills; challenging the dangerous Sacred Set Dungeons is the only way to acquire such skills, a

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fight for the goddess athena and earn amazing rewards in Omega Zodiac, a Free-To-Play browser-based actionfrom proficient city and game hollywood. choose one of three classes: the melee knight, the nimble archer, or the arcane mage, each with its own play style and special powers. earn the fantastic golden sacred armor, which grants you even greater power — and, of course, helps you look great.

in addition the main story, you can participate in pve and pvp arenas, or join a guild and partake in guild battles with your allies. for the ultimate challenge, take on epic world bosses that spawn every few hours and drop amazing treasures. enjoy intense hack-and-slashand stop the end of the world!

as athena’s mighty defender, gather the sacred sets or armor and employ powerful weapons to stop the arrival of the feared ragnarok! 


  • fight with 9 different combo skills against a variety of enemies.
  • collect star maps and activate the gold sacred set for sacred weapons and enchantments.
  • engage with the community through guild Features , guild cross-battles, and cross-server battles.
  • enjoy single and multiplayer gameplay with pvp and pve arenas, competitive battlegrounds, and a guild support system.
  • challenge dozens of mighty bosses and hostile gold fighters.

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