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Pokemon Mega

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Game Description:

Pokemon Mega is a free to play Pokemon-style experience. Pick your favorite pokemon starter and go on a new adventure, capturing pokemon and battling with players around the world.

Game Overview:

Pokemon Mega is an unofficial pokemon rpg adventure game that is inspired by the classic series from nintendo's legendary franchise. the gamplay includes familiar systems from the originals, but adds plenty of good ideas like open world pvp, a gear system and more to make it different from the paid games.

Pokemon Mega also functions like a proper browser mmo with world chat, guild functionality and pvp tournaments. the graphics and art style are for the most part authentic, but the game changes quite a few things about the pokemon such as altering base types and attacks. for a free to play game with a cash shop, the game can be fun but it takes a while to overcome to autonomy of the early game levels.

main points:

  • unofficial pokemon adventure game that is inspired by classics
  • free to play with optional cash shop buffs and boosts
  • full roster of pokemon across generations
  • plenty of gameplay Features like tournaments, dungeons and open world pvp
  • you won't have full control until level 26 and above