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Realm Of Guardians

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Realm of Guardians is an MMORPG Open world PVP / PVE with 100s of challenging dungeons, multiple world bosses and a no class character system with over 200+ items, 70+ skills and 50+ runes for that unique character build.

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join a new massive multiplayer adventure in which you play as a heroic warrior get your weapons, your team, and bring your friends to conquer all the dungeons beat the big bosses with your abilities, accept the challenge, and enter now to Realm of Guardians this time, amzgame is bringing awithand challenges to face right from your browser. Realm of Guardians is a dungeon crawler with diverse content that could surprise you. first, let's talk about the story cut scenes, in which good illustrations of a story with war and monsters spilling the blood of soldiers are shown. then, we start as a warrior invoked by a goddess to defeat an evil force that has awakened from its lethargy. the history guides you to its end through the main campaign of the game. a more important aspect to consider in this genre is the character system. the creation tool is simple. just log into the game, choose your nickname, and start to play. then, select the sex of your character , and a little later, your class. you have a ranger with a bow, a mage, and a warrior.