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Rise Of Angels

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The new browser MMORPG Rise of Angels is already available. Stunning 3D graphics, addictive gameplay, best mechanics and a whole lot more of awesome features are waiting for you to get your hands on them. Get ready for an amazing adventure you will never get enough of.

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Rise of Angels is a free to play mmorpg that pushes the limits of browser based gaming with 3d graphics, loads of character customization, and addictive gameplay. with diverse gameplay modes from classics like quests and dungeons, to all new modes like tower defense and metamorphs, players will never run out of things to do! the world is vast, and it is in peril. you must take up arms against the evil that threatens! with intensepacked combat, full 360 degree 3d graphics, and near endless ways to upgrade your character , Rise of Angels is anlike few before. if you’re a fan of browser mmos, be sure to check out Rise of Angels!


  • over 200 unique bosses to challenge players.
  • a variety of customization options including costumes, wings, and mounts.
  • pvp through arenas, guild versus guild battles, and daily Event s.
  • earn goddess favor to boost your character even further.
  • revolutionary graphics – you can now enjoy anwith full 3d graphics right in your browser. anytime, anywhere, you can log in and play awhile.

classes Rise of Angels offers three classes: archer, mage, and warrior.