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Royal Quest is an isometric 3D MMORPG from the makers of the more recent King’s Bounty series, Katauri. The MMO sports a clean artstyle which fits in nicely with Royal Quest’s fantasy setting. Royal Quest is set in the land of Aura, large enough to house over 100 outdoor locations

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Royal Quest offers a fresh mmo experience from the creators of space rangers and king's bounty series. join guild wars, conquer castles, and battle other players in unique pvpve locations, or explore the vast world of aura and enjoy the story on your own. 

while the four initial classes are your standard, warrior, mage, rogue, and archer; at level 20 they may branch out into two additional subclasses. as players level up, they’ll be awarded attribute points which give additional bonuses every so often. on more rare occasions, players will gain a skill point used in class trees to augment their current abilities or gain new specialty ones.

the world of Royal Quest is filled with more than 200 unique monsters, each of whom may be aligned with a particular element. these elements dictate what types of abilities they are susceptible to, meaning players looking to maximize their damage will need to use different skills depending on what type of enemy their fighting. enemies who breathe fire will not take as much damage from a fireball, but a frostbolt will cool them down in a hurry.

innovative elemental battle system allows players to exploit enemy weaknesses by properly choosing what weapons and skills to use against the target, while game mechanics are easy to learn (including an automatic character upgrade system), and offer deep and challenging experience later in the game. 

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