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RuneScape is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from Jagex Ltd. that has been around in some form since 2001. The game takes place in the divided land of Gielinor, where players can create their characters and advance through quests and monster hunting.

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Runescape is one of the most popular Free-To-Play browser mmorpg, from the british development studio jagex. set in a detailed, medievalworld of epic scale both geographically and historically, Runescape proudly draws its inspiration from classic role-playing games to deliver a contemporary, innovative and original experience for millions of players across the globe, with a popular subscription option of even greater scale and ambition, both running directly within almost any computer’s browser.

although Runescape's roots are old, the game has had several incarnations, with each new version replacing the old. Runescape hd, for example, a major overhaul, was released in 2008. while the basic game is free to download and play, it is limited, and a subscription will net a player more frequent (and exclusive) content updates, a player home, the ability to play full screen (free users are limited to a windowed client), and more advantages. an item shop is also available for cosmetic items.


  • adventure in gielinor | explore Runescape's world of gielinor, take on hundreds of quests, and advance your character in a huge range of skills.
  • play minigames | engage in a variety of minigames for xp, items, and fun!
  • create a clan | create a clan and join forces with other players.
  • pvp and Event s | participate in player-versus-player combat, in-game festivals, clan-specific Event s, and more.

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