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Sanctioned Renegades

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Game Description:

Sanctioned Renegades is a free to play browser-based multiplayer online FPS (first-person shooter) game in development by Four31 Interactive. Pushing the boundaries of browser-based shooter genre. Featuring destructible 3D levels, realistic weapons, RPG unlocks, and advanced 3D technology.

Game Overview:

Sanctioned Renegades is the latest browser-based title in development by four31 interactive. pushing the boundaries of browser-based multiplayer first-persongenre, the final version of the game will deliver state of the art 3d graphics, a bundle of Features and lightning fast performance, all under 10 megabytes. 

just like fusionfall, you will need to update your web browser with the latest version of the unity web player to experience Sanctioned Renegades.


  • rpg-like unlock system with multiple guns, weapons and achievements.
  • team-based real-time multiplayer .
  • 3d graphics with destructible tropical worlds .
imagine taking on real-life human opponents in a cutting edge multiplayer first-personright inside your browser? then you may try the Sanctioned Renegades.