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Seafight pirate simulation game. Browser-based game, which will have various tasks is everywhere and we will be working to complete them. They will also expand our ship and our crew when we will join the fleet and will strengthen. He was born the day for those who want to be a pirate!

Game Overview:

capture, plunder and pillage – nobody’s safe from you. navigate the Seafight seas, compete in multiplayer battles and unite with your allies to form powerful pirate fleets. aye, aye, cap’n: it’s time to set sail in over 50 sea charts with 4 different designs including arctic, tropical and lava themes. there’s a constant creation of new levels packed full with quests and missions, more than 100 ship designs, many items, weapons, pirates and assistants, numerous npcs and millions of real opponents from across the globe, and over 30,000 guilds.

when we look to go to the home page to register a game we meet with an impressive video. sign up to our after that we can buy a variety of things, we can track what is the case and comes with a user interface that will be mentioned soon as we can do a lot of things. this is not where the real game is played. a kind of control panel. "start game" our ship in the newly opened tab, click the button and we can see the map of the game. alone it is necessary to say that, no tutorial to learn the game and unfortunately everything is left to the player, but there are so many buttons and controls have a router that there can be beautiful. what are our priorities before the game interface and let out exactly what we can do.