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Seas Of Gold

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Seas of Gold is a browser-based naval RTS game by R2Games. face your fleet off against rival fleets, opposing factions, and all manner of terrifying sea creatures Experience life at sea as you amass your fleet, find hidden treasures, pillage for loot and more.

Game Overview:

experience life on the high seas and search for treasure in Seas of Gold, a Free-To-Play browser-based mmorpg from r2 games! hire on a crew, explore lush and diverse islands, participate in turn-based battles against enemy ships and monsters, and bring home the booty!

battles in Seas of Gold are turn-based affairs, where you’ll have to maneuver your ships into firing range and make several tactical decisions to emerge victorious. as you win battles, you’ll gain xp and loot you can use to increase your crew’s capabilities and upgrade your ship to take on more difficult foes.


  • slg naval battles: use your tactical and strategic planning to defeat rival fleets on the high seas..
  • crew assembly: earn and unlock various shipmates, captains and other members with special perks and abilities.
  • cross-server competition: challenge other players from different servers and secure your spot on the leaderboards.
  • legion Event s: participate in exciting Event s that will earn you cool, unique rewards.